The law firm, Wannemacher & Partner, was founded in 1981 by its namesake, Wolfgang Wannemacher. It was one of the first law firms to specialise in the field of → criminal tax law and → tax disputes.

<>We have preserved and maintained this speciality over the years and expanded it to include the field of → criminal commercial law.

We have kept the name of the founder of the firm, who left in 2003. Due to its consistently good reputation, the law firm, Wannemacher & Partner has established itself as a national “brand”.

We do business today as an mbB partnership company. Our eight partners are supported by other professionals and scientific colleagues and, of course, by our administrative staff.


In 1986, the firm published the „Steuerberater und Mandant im Steuerstrafverfahren“ (“Tax Consultant and Client in Criminal Tax Proceedings”) manual. Now, it is called the „Handbuch Steuerstrafrecht“ (“Criminal Tax Law Manual”) and is now published as the 6th edition by the Stollfuß publishing company (ISBN 3-08-371326-5).

The more than 1,100 page manual contains the experience and knowledge of a wide range of renowned guest authors and the members of our firm.

The manual explains all areas of → criminal tax law and administrative tax offences on a practical basis. Tax-related problems relevant to consulting are presented clearly and solution approaches and preventive strategies are demonstrated. The explanations are supplemented by a comprehensive description of the individual parts of the procedure. The risks of the consultant’s responsibility with respect to criminal tax law and laws related to fines are also discussed.

„Das Schwert des Beraters.
Es dürfte schwerfallen, eine praxisrelevante Frage zu finden, die in dem Handbuch nicht behandelt wird.“

(“The consultant’s sword
It is difficult to find a practical matter that is not discussed in the manual.”)

(RA Stahl in KÖSDI 12/99 4th edition).


Our practical experience and our knowledge originate from our speciality areas and only there are both targetedly applied: customised, committed, efficient and highly discreet.

The firm evaluations from independent editors are a reflection of our reputation. The law firm, Wannemacher & Partner has appeared regularly in the most important rankings and manuals for many years: In “Best Lawyers”, “brandeins”, “Stern” and “FOCUS”, in “Handelsblatt” and “WirtschaftsWoche” or in the handbooks “Wirtschaftskanzleien” or “Kanzleien in Deutschland”.

brand eins

brandeins Auszeichnung 2020


In 2009, WirtschaftsWoche (German weekly financial periodical) named the best tax attorneys in Germany. The multi-stage selection process was based on four criteria: Demonstrable successes, experience, strength of the firm’s team, cost awareness. As a result, WirtschaftsWoche classified Wannemacher & Partner as a “top law firm”.


STERN Auszeichnung 2020

STERN Auszeichnung 2020

JUVE “Commercial Law Firms” manual


The JUVE „Wirtschaftskanzleien“ (“Commercial Law Firms”) manual is one of the most important directories of its kind. The JUVE editorial board evaluates approx. 900 commercial law firms in Germany every year. Only the best are included in the speciality-based ranking lists. Wannemacher & Partner has been recommended by JUVE for several years as a leading law firm for criminal tax law and criminal commercial law.



At irregular intervals, the magazine, Focus, offers a selection of attorneys who have a good reputation in a variety of legal disciplines. Focus’ „Anwaltsliste für Steuerrecht“ (“List of Tax Law Attorneys”) has regularly recommended Wannemacher & Partner for criminal tax defence and tax disputes since 2005, citing frequent recommendations from colleagues and an above average number of specialist publications. Thus, the Focus editorial department considers Wannemacher & Partner one of the best tax law firms in Germany.

“Law Firms in Germany” manual

The Nomos publishing group is one of the leading publishers for legal literature. The „Kanzleien in Deutschland“ (“Law Firms in Germany”) manual lists the attorneys from Wannemacher & Partner as specialists for criminal tax law, tax disputes and criminal commercial law. The conclusion of the evaluation: “Due to its high level of specialisation, the firm has a very good reputation and is well positioned. The cooperation with tax consulting and financial auditing firms guarantees highly professional support.”



The Handelsblatt (a German financial periodical) crowns „Deutschlands beste Anwälte“ (“Germany’s best attorneys”) every year. Our firm has been on that list since 2013. In 2017 Wannemacher & Partner is once again one of the recommended law firms. Dr. Markus Gotzens is distinguished in 2018 as one of five best attorneys in Germany for criminal commercial law.
The ranking published by the Handelsblatt is based on a survey from the US publisher, Best Lawyers that asked attorneys which attorney they would recommend “if they could not take the client themselves”.

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We are located in Munich, but we are active on a national level. In Germany, we regularly work with our clients’ tax consultants. When resolving cross-border cases, we cooperate with renowned attorneys abroad.


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