Wannemacher & Partner is one of the leading law firms for
criminal law, criminal commercial law and tax disputes.

Our technical specialisation has been part of our law firm’s
quality management for more than 40 years.

Precision, tactical skills and complete discretion
are tools all the attorneys at our firm utilise.

For many years now, the law firm appears regularly
in the most important ratings such as “Best Lawyers”,
“Handelsblatt”, “Juve”, “WirtschaftsWoche” and “Focus”.



Criminal tax law

If you have to defend yourself against allegations of tax evasion, an attorney from Wannemacher & Partner will be by your side. Trust in our dual competence in tax law and criminal law for your defence.

Tax disputes

We represent your interests in the event of conflicts with the tax administration, whether on the tax office level, before a financial court or the Federal Financial Court.

Criminal commercial law

In this field, our firm defends the decision-makers in the financial sector: Executive boards and supervisory boards, medium-sized corporate clients and managers, physicians and other freelancers.



Dr. Markus Götzens
Dr. Markus Gotzens

Attorney | Partner
Specialist attorney for tax law
Specialist attorney for criminal law

Leonard Walischewski
Dr. Leonard Walischewski

Attorney | Partner
Specialist attorney for criminal law

Prof. Dr. Andreas Grötsch
Prof. Dr. Andreas Grötsch

Attorney | Partner
Specialist attorney for tax law
Tax consultant
Specialist consultant for international tax law

Uwe Lehmbruck
Uwe Lehmbruck

Attorney | Partner
Specialist attorney for criminal law

Daniela Walischewski
Daniela Walischewski

Specialist attorney for criminal law




The law firm, Wannemacher & Partner, was founded in 1981 by its namesake, Wolfgang Wannemacher. It was one of the first law firms to specialise in the field of criminal tax law and tax disputes.


In 1986, the firm published the „Steuerberater und Mandant im Steuerstrafverfahren“ (“Tax Consultant and Client in Criminal Tax Proceedings”) manual.


The firm evaluations from independent editors are a reflection of our reputation. The law firm, Wannemacher & Partner has appeared regularly in the most important rankings and manuals for many years.

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We are located in Munich, but we are active on a national level. In Germany, we regularly work with our clients’ tax consultants. When resolving cross-border cases, we cooperate with renowned attorneys abroad.


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